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Welcome to E3 PlayHouse
"Entertainment, Education, Eatery"
  435 Front Street!

Check out these "LIVE" BANDS for Your
Dancing & Listening Enjoyment:

Latin Lingo - salsa
Play Video 1  "Bombele"
Play Video 2  "What You Gonna Do"
Play Video 3  "Rumbera Mayor"

SOL CARIBE - calypso
Play Video 1  "DOHN Rock Me So"
Play Video 2  "Imelda"
Play Video 3  "Love In Cemetary"

Michelle Chappel Trio - americana
Play Video 1  "You Know Me"
Play Video 2  "Falling"
Play Video 3  "Bring Me Some Roses"

Equal Time Sax Quartet - Ragtime
Play Video 1  "JA DA"
Play Video 2  "Polkadots And Moonbeams"
Play Video 3  "Night In Tunisia"


Brazilian Flute & Guitar Duo - Bossa Novas
Play Video 1  "Estrada Del Sol"
Play Video 2  "Cadencia"
Play Video 3  "Triste"

E3 R&B
Play Video 1  "Out Of Sight"
Play Video 2  "I Got The Feeling"
Play Video 3  "Cold Sweat"

E3 Sax Quartet
Play Video 1  "Beetle Bop"
Play Video 2  "Satin Doll"
Play Video 3  "Give My Regards To BRDWY"

Wally's Swing World - Swing

E3 Latin Jazz Group

For info call Wes Anthony
phone: (831) 466-9033
webpage: www.E3PlayHouse.com
Thanks for your support!